Rebuilding my station

After many years away from amateur radio, I am slowly adding back equipment. I had sold all of my radios and I gave away antennas, and station accessories, that weren’t homebrew. Given my current QTH (place of residence), I am limited on the types and numbers of antenna’s I can deploy. As I live inContinue reading “Rebuilding my station”

Rusted Tin

“Therein lies the problem.” Sheriff Clay says pulling handcuffs from his pocket.”This is just a little private use liquor, John” Bill Wade offers.”Your parole is very specific. No liquor making. Period. Put your hands behind your back.” The sheriff orders.”Oh hell John. All you have here is some empty bottles. Old sugar bags and someContinue reading “Rusted Tin”


“She was skating too long on that thin white line.” Red blurted out.”What?” The sheriff asked, distracted”Cocaine. Angie is, well, was into the coke.” Red frowned as the words left his mouth.”So pretty and young, shame what she had gotten into.” Red continued”Let’s get the coroner’s office over here. And don’t go talking to anyone,Continue reading “Inconvenient”

50 Word Thursday #11

This is my attempt at 50 Word Thursday #11 Thank you Deb Whittam   Along with the photo above, the following phrase serves as a prompt. ‘If I’d stopped to think I might not have done it, but fury is a great disregarder of caution.’ The rules are simple.  Write something, poem, short story, anything,Continue reading “50 Word Thursday #11”