Lace and Honey

Their eyes met in the realm of possibility. That scape where interests often collide. Sharing a curiosity, engaging in a little myth making. Together they forge nothing into machinations constructed to delight the imagination. Her beauty is evident, he also caught a glimpse of her strength. Her words soft and sweet, to him like laceContinue reading “Lace and Honey”

Rebuilding my station

After many years away from amateur radio, I am slowly adding back equipment. I had sold all of my radios and I gave away antennas, and station accessories, that weren’t homebrew. Given my current QTH (place of residence), I am limited on the types and numbers of antenna’s I can deploy. As I live inContinue reading “Rebuilding my station”

Diablo IV Beta

I have been playing the open beta of Diablo IV this weekend. I have been able to level my barbarian to 18 so far. This is despite Blizzard server issues and long queue times to get into game. These anticipated technical issues aside, my impression of the game thus far is positive. There are 5Continue reading “Diablo IV Beta”