Lace and Honey

Their eyes met in the realm of possibility. That scape where interests often collide. Sharing a curiosity, engaging in a little myth making. Together they forge nothing into machinations constructed to delight the imagination. Her beauty is evident, he also caught a glimpse of her strength. Her words soft and sweet, to him like laceContinue reading “Lace and Honey”

Mexico, Sally

Memories lying cast in the snow and cold winter wind….Everything he has, except what is hidden under the driver’s seat of his old car, lays there. Like a bared soul, naked and vulnerable. All eyes on it, as the wind carries some articles across the cold yard.Her husband pulled his colt python from its placeContinue reading “Mexico, Sally”


Give me the truth, it is less messy.You may be out of practiceThe painter needs fresh oils and a willing surface.The deception you call art, left you exposed.But then, I was taught by the master where to look.She told me, don’t fall boy for any old hook.You did not cover your tracks this time.Leaving aContinue reading “Caught”


Purpose Another brought a purpose beyond just being. A meaningful life as they say, can fade away. The senses once heightened, hearing, feeling, and seeing. A heart lost, cast on rough seas, awash in uncertainty. Once rushing to embrace the wonder. Like the promise of a new sun, home once thought to be everlasting. NoContinue reading “Purpose”

Self Crafted Hell

The pieces in place, prepared to render justice for transgressions most human. A mortal plane of existence, designed to torment and punish the failings of an apathetic soul. Crafted in mine own image.  An earth bound hell, built to hold the memories and stoke the regrets. The reminders of loss and what might have been,Continue reading “Self Crafted Hell”

Cinquain February 7

morningdew, gentle breezecalming, stirring, anewpromise hangs on the air, we startat dawnnonsensethat kind of stuffno need to cover ithassles the mind, always best toavoidreactgiving responsecould relax, mute the tonecrowd demands more, for the dollarclassic

American Cinquain 11/9/2019

All in No more waiting It is now or never The heart is looking for a pair I call Healing What a feeling Almost, like I’m stealing Someone else’s joy and meaning Renewed The owl Wise, observing Looking before leaping The prey, laughing before it’s caught Feasting Grinning Knowing after All of the options, nowContinue reading “American Cinquain 11/9/2019”