FOWC with Fandango-lessen

This is my attempt with the FOWC with Fandango word ‘lessen’.   Nothing can replace the time together Like they say, parting is great sorrow Knowing you are happy and safe Does indeed lessen the blow   I am proud of all that you do Which is a comforting sight Seize your moments in lifeContinue reading “FOWC with Fandango-lessen”

FOWC with Fandango-quintessential

FOWC with Fandango-quintessential My take on it.  Thanks Deb Whittam   Having one last look around the apartment, he finds nothing out of place. Dinner is warming in the oven, thanks to his brother in law, the chef. The wine is chilling. The snow is falling. An inviting fireplace crackling  makes his apartment cozy. The tableContinue reading “FOWC with Fandango-quintessential”