Rusted Tin

“Therein lies the problem.” Sheriff Clay says pulling handcuffs from his pocket.”This is just a little private use liquor, John” Bill Wade offers.”Your parole is very specific. No liquor making. Period. Put your hands behind your back.” The sheriff orders.”Oh hell John. All you have here is some empty bottles. Old sugar bags and someContinue reading “Rusted Tin”


“She was skating too long on that thin white line.” Red blurted out.”What?” The sheriff asked, distracted”Cocaine. Angie is, well, was into the coke.” Red frowned as the words left his mouth.”So pretty and young, shame what she had gotten into.” Red continued”Let’s get the coroner’s office over here. And don’t go talking to anyone,Continue reading “Inconvenient”

Mexico, Sally

Memories lying cast in the snow and cold winter wind….Everything he has, except what is hidden under the driver’s seat of his old car, lays there. Like a bared soul, naked and vulnerable. All eyes on it, as the wind carries some articles across the cold yard.Her husband pulled his colt python from its placeContinue reading “Mexico, Sally”