5 Words Prompt 7/25/2018

This is my attempt at the 5 Words Prompt

The words are:

Connote, Pilot, Mirror, Echo, Reduce

Thank you Tyler Deal



The mirror reflects the loss
As an echo, fades from the canyon
Reduced in stature and stead
Like a pilot without wings
Crying eyes, connote the depth of pain



50 Word Thursday #10

50 Word Thursday #10

The image above and the following phrase, were prompts for this weeks exercise.

“Whatever presence it was that had been observing her as she made her way through the woods, it was now pursuing her.”

This is my humble entry.  Thanks Deb Whittam


Out in these thick trees, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the thing she has reported on for a few weeks now.  She senses, that the hunt she is on, has taken a turn. Certain that, whatever presence it was that had been observing her, as she made her way through the woods, it was now pursuing her.

Burrowing into some foliage near a rock.  Her heart races as she peers out of the thick leaf blanket.  I should have waited for John, she thinks, eyeing the clearing ahead.

What happened next, caused her to question her sanity.  Descending on the right side of the clearing ahead, standing every inch, of the eight feet, that her witnesses had reported. Only fifty yards away from her, this was no owl or crane.  Those eyes, burning red and huge, she knew not to stare at them. This was no ‘mothman’, as it had come to be jokingly called. Its massive dark wings, brought to her mind a fallen angel.  A demon out of hell..

Terrified, she held her hand over her mouth, fighting the urge to scream.  With wide-eye anticipation, she waited until this abomination took flight away.  Away from the area, where she lay frozen with fear.

As the chill set in, she wondered, if it was perched, ready to pounce at her movement.  Now or never, her courage mustered, as she ran towards her car.




Not so idle hands will often betray words that ring hollow.

We’ve heard it all before. Now you have to show me. No time for lectures.

You chose your vice, I’m damn sure going to have mine.

A heavy heart lashes out, still finding no solace.

I can admit to sin. Words can be a weapon, but hell they are cheap.

No matter how pretty, they won’t alter reality.

So, set mine to music and watch me waltz across heartache.

The Curtain Fell

Foolish to linger.  There is a balance to the delight.  You both played your parts. Often it is manifest in fleeting affection.  The curtain fell long ago. Tis better to remain oblivious to the likelihood that your world will be pulled asunder.

You wanted to take a bow.  Giving the heart ample opportunity to cling to her. But some honest critique of your performance, will find it lacking. When the news comes, you can caress the devastation.  Rendering the silence, on the stage you once shared, maddening.

50 Word Thursday #9

This is my attempt at the 50 Word Thursday #9 prompt.

This week’s quote:  “He was the stuff schoolgirl dreams were made of.  Unfortunately, she was no longer a schoolgirl.”


Rounding the corner from the elevator, she saw him. He was the stuff schoolgirl dreams were made of.  Unfortunately, she was no longer a schoolgirl. As district attorney, she cannot let what they had cloud her judgement.  The man flooding her memories, is charged with the murder of his wife.


Thanks for sharing Deb.

Fifty Word Thursday

FOWC with Fandango-lessen

This is my attempt with the FOWC with Fandango word ‘lessen’.


Nothing can replace the time together

Like they say, parting is great sorrow

Knowing you are happy and safe

Does indeed lessen the blow


I am proud of all that you do

Which is a comforting sight

Seize your moments in life

And don’t forget to call me some night




FOWC with Fandango-lessen

Debbie Whittam

Woeful Tiny Tales


There are certain truths, that have been with me now for nearly a decade.  A list of ideals that served as a reminder. A testament to a scorned heart.  Notions such as ‘She talked about trust, but forced me to learn forgiveness’. ‘She talked about redemption, but left me in hell’.  Foundational passages like ‘She talked of opportunity, but never gave me a chance’. The truth I realize, in all of it’s brutality, as time tilts ever forward, is that the me and she in these woeful, tiny tales of misery, could change places.  The truth however, would remain constant.

Lanham Cinquain

These are a few American cinquain.  I like the rhythm of these. *Some harsh language*



Girl my old friend

How are you, I am fine

Do you recall the love we shared

Me too


In there

You will find it

How much do you require

Take the whole thing it won’t expire




About what now

Always the same it seems

Your wants over the best for us

Fuck you


At last

Is what she said

After finding the one

She can no longer live without

Not me



I call her that

In our time of passion

With the lights low or anywhere

I’m hers


Have you

Can you say it

Without hesitation

You loved her first without failing

Thought not

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FOWC with Fandango-quintessential

FOWC with Fandango-quintessential

My take on it.  Thanks Deb Whittam


Having one last look around the apartment, he finds nothing out of place. Dinner is warming in the oven, thanks to his brother in law, the chef. The wine is chilling. The snow is falling. An inviting fireplace crackling  makes his apartment cozy. The table is perfect. Careful planning went into making this the quintessential evening alone together. Doorbell rings, “God am I ready for this.” he says out loud to himself.