Alinco Programming Error

I started messing with my Alinco codeplug. Now of course I can't get into my hot spot. All values look right. The radio kinda...reset.  The Brandmeister/hot spot still looks good. Had to take a break after hitting a wall. Will refresh, read more info. Then logically approach it again. 🙂  73 de KD8FTH

Rusted Tin

“Therein lies the problem.” Sheriff Clay says pulling handcuffs from his pocket.”This is just a little private use liquor, John” Bill Wade offers.”Your parole is very specific. No liquor making. Period. Put your hands behind your back.” The sheriff orders.”Oh hell John. All you have here is some empty bottles. Old sugar bags and some […]

Rusted Tin

VHF/UHF Station

I have been enjoying using DMR again. I plan to setup on the TGIF DMR servers soon. That will require a new codeplug. I was able to order a dual band VHF/UHF mobile radio to play with. The AnyTone AT-778 UV. It provides 25 watts of power. And it is very affordable at around $125-132. Since I have decent repeater access in this area with just 5 watts, this should increase range a bit. The radio should arrive within the week. While, I don't expect Yaesu, Icom or Kenwood quality, reviews of the radio have been promising. Will follow up on this radio once I've used it. Thanks for reading. 73. de KD8FTH