5 Words Prompt 7/3/2018 — Tyler M Deal

Today’s words are: Lemon Land Log Lift Languid The goal is to exercise your brain and split writer’s block. You can write anything! A story, a poem, a paragraph, a sentence, anything! The only rule is that it includes the words given or is inspired by the words given. If you post something, link it […]

via 5 Words Prompt 7/3/2018 — Tyler M Deal

Day to Day

“Get these men to the river Sergeant!” the Lieutenant ordered. The relentless fighting has taken a toll on our boys. “You heard the man, haul it, before these bugs take over the whole planet.” the Sergeant barked. They advance cutting into the alien creatures with precision.

Tear for two

tear rose

Her words are carved deep into the signposts of this journey.  She speaks with a wisdom, a knowledge of life, it should require lifetimes to amass.  

She captivates me. Delighting me with her stunning tales of torment.  Allowing me to know her sorrow. To caress her pain. I had thought once, they were a cry for help.  I have come to discern, to appreciate fully, that she simply reflects my own despair.

As words spoken into a deep and wide canyon, her utterances, are as an echo reverberating back to me.  Delivered by her voice calm and sweet her tear stained narrative seduces my soul.

She makes me laugh as often as we share a tear.  Though it is the misery which has bound we two together.  To the affliction of adoration we are tethered.

Reminding me of the heavy cost exacted in anguish born of having danced too long with heartache.

Elusive Bird

Gracefully she appears to me, like the rarest of delta birds.  Bringing with her a gentle song and a calming spirit. Delighting in the charms of such a beautifully made and elusive presence, I am lost in wondrous observation.

She offers me a glimpse into her world.  Allowing me to witness from afar, the rituals and interpretations that make her whole. With a sophistication and confidence, I covet, my deepest desires are manifest.

For but a fleeting moment, does she grant me audience.  I do not hold her interest, while she charms my heart. Though I beg her stay, as quickly as she arrives, my captivating delta bird takes flight. Leaving me in prayer, that soon she will arrive once again to captivate my soul.

they discover love together

they discover love together
in the wellspring of youthful hope
never straying from their devotion
passion being its own reward

the storms of life, raging onward
they discover love together
giving support to each other
not succumbing to the struggle

watching their garden grow stronger
the lesson they taught taking shape
they discover love together
the tilling and tending in bloom

dusk approaches, sun having set
reflecting on the life they lived
embracing this stage, journeys end
they discover love together