Longing in Reality

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He catches a glimpse of it often. Though it never manifests straight on. Only revealing itself, in his peripheral. The sight is enough to chill his soul. He accepts that it serves to torment him. To render his punishment for the failings inherent with mortality. Disturbing his slumber, bringing…

Place Your Bets

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Only an observation, likely something suggested in folly. We can keep on wishing darlin’. Or we can embrace opportunity. Rolling with the punches as they say, has come so natural. If indeed that, something better, presents itself, manifesting our truest desire, perhaps we will see it more easily if…

Pious Perches

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The world is discovering what the elect had discerned.  You had held sway over the easily manipulated. That grip loosens by the hour, as you sing and dance the familiar routine.  Promising the moon, while delivering only riches into your own coffers. Hailing yourself as the champion, battling for the…

Supper Time

Tonight, I enjoyed the most amazing pot roast. When the mood strikes, which is at least once every other month or so, I make “Mississippi pot roast”. Or at least my version of it. Which typically includes brown gravy mix, ranch dressing mix, banana pepper rings and a dash of the juice. Plenty of seasoningsContinue reading “Supper Time”