Mexico, Sally

Memories lying cast in the snow and cold winter wind....

Everything he has, except what is hidden under the driver’s seat of his old car, lays there. Like a bared soul, naked and vulnerable. All eyes on it, as the wind carries some articles across the cold yard.

Her husband pulled his colt python from its place under the seat and stared at it in his hand.... it was ice cold until he realized how much he hated her.

Mexico it is. He told her he wouldn't be back. But she knows better.

That south Texas town and her brown eyes will always be the closest thing to home he's known.

He's heading south. Tying up some loose ends. Give her a couple of days he thinks, and she'll be cooled down. The fight gone from her. But she knows something about this time...that he doesn't want to.

Published by ronlanhamwriting

Putting some time into writing. Enjoy reading other work and receiving constructive feedback on mine.

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