Things to come…

It has been harrowing, since the recent events which have occupied the town and my own mind.

The deaths of a man and woman is big news here.  But, their murder is a shocking scandal.  Add to that, he had a wife and kids a county away and she was a divorcee at 25, when they were found nude and gruesomely murdered in his car out on the old mining road about 5 miles out of town...and you have end times panic.

The murders have taken quite a toll on the community and my own sanity. 

Nothing out of the ordinary about the two deceased.  Bill Kress, male, thirty years old.  Worked as an electrical engineer for the power company.  Nice suburban home near Charleston, wife, two kids.  Amanda Schafer, female,twenty five years old. Worked as a secretary for a vice-president at the same power company. Divorced. Shared an apartment with her sister, in downtown Charleston. At least that is how the report will describe them.

This ill fated pair, apparently enjoyed their trysts, in the deep seclusion offered by the woods north of town.  It was late evening around 9 pm, I was making a drive up near the old mining road, which was a routine patrol to make sure kids weren’t partying up there. Not another soul was on the county road.  I began to notice a light, near the tops of the trees, it moved in a kinda zig zag pattern.  It seemed to be going in the same general direction I was traveling which was north.  At first I didn't see anything but the light.  I thought maybe it might be a helicopter, but there was no sign, and with my window down, and sitting in the road I didn’t hear anything.  Strangely, when I stopped,the light seemed to stop moving.  Now, I am convinced that somehow, my headlights are shining way up into the trees. I start driving again...then I see it.  I saw it, but I didn’t believe it.  I had been hearing about them for awhile, now I am actually seeing this metal disk looking thing with lights.  I saw it as clearly as I saw the tree tops.  It had stopped, I knew it must have been over or very near the old mine road.  So I turned  on the mine road, the flying disk was maybe 100 yards out from the entrance.  I am driving slowly, there are big ruts on that road. I am watching the disk, the lights seem to spin around it.  I’m slowly but surely reducing the distance between my car and that thing in the air.  Just as I get around a clearing, something jumps out in front of the car. The headlights caught its eyes and I stopped. A deer looked at me for a minute, seemingly caught in the headlights...then it ran off.  I look up and the saucer is gone.  Totally vanished, no sign of it, the lights, nothing.  But, there is a newer model car, parked about 
60 yards ahead of me. An odd place for a new car to be 9:30 pm on a Wednesday night.

Three weeks to the day after I had been sworn in as county Sheriff, odd things started happening. These odd, weird things...really, were all seemingly related to the murders.

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