Halloweensie Contest 2018

Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting her 8th Halloweensie Contest.  To enter, write a kid’s Halloween story using no more than 100 words (not counting title)including cauldron, shiver, and howl. Visit Susanna’s site for full details!

This is my first entry into the contest.  Thank you D. Wallace Peach.


Last Trick or Treat

“I don’t want to go. We’re almost thirteen.” Brianna says

“This is the last year we can trick or treat. It’ll be fun.” Emily answers

Their zombie makeup has to be perfect. Halloween night is the only night they can be individuals and not twins.

The night air is chilled. Brianna shivers. A howl echos from across the street. Their bags full of candy, they walk toward the haunted house.

A bubbling cauldron and a real looking witch, greets them on the porch.

“I’m glad we came.” Brianna says smiling.

“I know.” Emily answers, as they enter the spooky house.




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