50 Word Thursday #13

This is my attempt at 50 Word Thursday #13

The rules are simple. Minimum 50 words, max 250, in multiples of 50.

Using the pic (featured image) or the following phrase or both.

“Holly found it quite impossible to suppress his permanent smirk. ”

I changed it up this week, using only the pic.

Thanks Deb Whittam


Her thoughts drift to a time, a warm, sunny spring afternoon, in this cove, when the future held lots of magic. A young couple, their only care was the next whim.

She surrendered her heart, so easily then.

He looks down at her knowingly, still reading her thoughts after many years of marriage.

She knows that she will always find this spot special. Here now, she wants to feel that love .

The boat has changed, but the magic lingers. Her heart racing, just as it did then. His hands wrap around her waist, and she knows she will surrender…again.


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