50 Word Thursday #12

This is my attempt at 50 Word Thursday #12
The rules are simple. Minimum 50 words, max 250, in multiples of 50.
Using the pic or the following phrase or both.

‘He still wanted to go there, one way or another, and to find that brunette, if she existed’

Thanks Deb Whittam

‘That’s when I wake up. When I am almost to the door of the hotel. I am sane enough to know it is a dream. I tell you though, I can feel my feet on that pavement. I can smell the rain in the air. Her sweet voice calling to me…Robert from the balcony.. Her dress, the sound of the people in that square…so vivid.’

The psychiatrist stood. “That will be all today Robert. We will talk soon. Try to rest.”

‘She knows me somehow. I have seen her four nights in a row. I can’t explain it. I just know I need to get to her Doctor.’

The heavy door shuts behind the doctor, who is looking down at the clipboard in his hand. Trying to rationalize what he has heard. He still wanted to go there, one way or another, and to find that brunette, if she existed.

No explanation, makes any sense for the condition. His colleagues are just as puzzled as he. Robert is the third person this month…to tell Doctor Bill Jennings this same story…verbatim. All seemingly unrelated individuals, describe the same square, hotel and brunette in red on the balcony.


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